Clothing for dressing up a changing body due to pregnancy can be a challenge if generally the experience is the initial one as per mothers who have gone through the process. The stress can decrease the confidence levels and reluctance to explore but is recommended as positive and having a significant impact on the maternal experience.

The secret to a successful maternity wardrobe can be identified as the selection of transitional maternal wear and styles adapting with the changing body contours ensuring comfort. Various choices have the ability to mingle well even after pregnancy with a wide range of selections being available from local stores or maternal clothing and breastfeeding dresses online.

With clothing being the focal point, 4 pieces of clothing have been identified as a wardrobe must for mothers or mothers to be. Though the essentials might vary from one individual to another, the choices are definitely on the list of most during shopping for maternal attire.

  • Pair of Overalls – Countless number of mothers complaint of situations where post partum clothing were not focused on and high neckline attire was purchased making breastfeeding a stressful task to accomplish. The feeling of not having appropriate clothing during the timeline naturally would cause breakdowns with hormones adding to the concern. Choosing clothing that can easily transition similar to overalls paired with low neckline top can be helpful with undoing one strap to feed being easy process.
  • Black Jersey Dress – Pregnant or not, a black dress in the wardrobe is considered wise choice with the colour camouflaging the belly area in slim fashion. The jersey fabric tends to drape loosely and is considered a closet staple for pre and post maternity. With swelling of the ankles and feet a common occurrence during maternity, pairing the dress with comfy flats can be indispensible.
  • Maternity Jeggings – With concern over sizing returning to normal taking time, usual jeans can be stressful to get into with the hip and tummy areas affected mostly during pregnancy. Maternity jeggings are recommended and guaranteed to provide physical and emotional comfort through pregnancy and later stages until slipping into the old pair of jeans is possible. With belly panel crop styled and cardigans among the choices to be explored, zip up ankle boots are considered options to consider.
  • Transitional Attire – Feeling and looking good is a requirement not only for singles but also for pregnant ladies and mothers. Transitional clothing worn with matching belts and footwear can provide an elegant look with definition given to the bump is in trend among mothers to be.

While attire listings can be overwhelming to explore individually, taking into consideration information by women who have gone through the process is bound to provide better insight into the shopping plan. Nevertheless, being prepared with the suggested pieces of clothing is bound to reduce the levels of anxiousness and stress as experienced by many.


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