While you are still alive and well, you should already start planning your funeral. Some might find it uncomfortable; it is actually a practical way of helping your loved ones in the process when that time comes.

Prepaid Funeral Plan

Prepaid funeral plans allow you to lay-out every detail you prefer for your funeral – from the casket, cremation or burial, medical care and many more. Another prepaid option is a whole life policy wherein a beneficiary receives a specific amount when the client dies. This money can be used to pay the funeral expenses. You may choose to name a relative or even the home funeral director as a beneficiary.


Another way to pre-plan your funeral is by setting up a trust fund specifically for this event. You will need to sign a contract stating that you are going to pay the amount in instalments. The funeral director will keep your payment in an account and withdraw them upon your passing to use for your funeral.

Payable on Death Account

You can set this up with your bank so that upon your death, the funds deposited in the account will be released for use in your funeral. You can deposit any amount anytime you want plus your savings will also gain interest through the years.

Benefits of Having a Funeral Plan

Planning your funeral in advance has been a popular trend nowadays. Pre-planning this event saves your family from all the trouble of the expenses and preparation for this event. This helps them focus more on their emotions and healing grief.

Funeral plans are guaranteed to be accepted no matter how old you are or what your health condition is. As long as you are above 18 years old, you are free to plan your funeral ahead. There’s no need to worry when you’re moving to another place as funeral plans are transferable. However, they can only be done between eligible funeral directors.

Aside from that, you also get a funeral service exactly how you want it to be. You can also do it to help the one who will be tasked for the preparations when the time comes. You can also help the living make confident decisions knowing that they are paying respect to the wishes of the dead loved one.

Customizing Your Funeral

You can get into detail when customizing your funeral. You may specify the music you want to be played on the venue, the clothes you want to wear and even the dress code of your visitors, favourite flowers, the venue and other more specifics. Make sure to keep important files such and your financial accounts, your funeral plan, and other wishes you want to let them know.

When choosing a pre-paid funeral plan, always remember to get it through an eligible local funeral director. By pre-planning your funeral, you get to live life with peace of mind that your loved ones don’t need to worry about the preparation and expenses when that time comes.

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