If you have been tasked to organize a very large wedding or you are the bride organizing your own large wedding, it is safe to say, it can all be so intimidating. Organizing a wedding or any function for that matter for a large group of people is scary especially because everything gets doubled or tripled – depending on how many people are being invited – your efforts, the food, the venue and the list goes on. For some people this type of large function is unavoidable and others prefer a large function with all their family and friends. However, if you are the one doing the organizing, then below are some things that will probably be helpful:

Start a Wedding Folder

Organization is key! Get your IPad or maybe even a binder and keep every little detail of the wedding in it, I mean every single thing. Don’t try to keep anything in mind because there are simply too many things that could wrong and too many things to look after. Take your IPad or folder and first start putting down all the key things that are the framework of the wedding such as the bridal party, the caterers, the venue, the decor etc. After getting the framework done, work your way into the smaller details and then into the micro details. Don’t try to write everything down in one go as you will most definitely miss quite a few important details on the way. Once you have your framework drawn up, you will have a clear picture of how the flow of the wedding is going to be like.

Get the Important Stuff out of the Way as soon as Possible

Once you have successfully created your wedding plan, next time to take action. Start with the bigger parts of your plan and get them all booked and sorted. Get your wedding supplies Canberra and other little details sorted next. Once all the big parts of your wedding are finalized such as the caterer and venue etc., then you can begin making the changes or any additional things needed to be done with respect to each individual element of the wedding. Doing it this way ensures that you have your framework to work on rather than just going from one detail to the next. If you mix everything together, the likelihood that you will forget things are very high.

Assign Tasks to Individual People

One thing to remember when handling a massive function is that You Cannot Do It Alone! Don’t try to shoulder all the work because you will fail tremendously and the event will be an utter disaster. Remember that you are only one person so recruit more people to help you and assign each person a specific task for the function. Make sure they manage all the micro details fo each task as well. You can simply check that all the work is done according to your instructions at the end and make any necessary changes.

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