A very important element to it but often overlooked is the fragrance aspect of a bouquet. This is especially true if you are assembling the arrangement on your own. Yes DIYs are great but not when somebody’s impression on you is hanging on the balance so I would suggest that you do a little bit of ’’asking around’’ before you get the actual project. We want to leave a good impression don’t we?

And to those who are in a long tem relationship and tend to forget the important days such as birthdays and anniversaries, thank god for 24 hour florist Singapore you can even get away with forgetting to get something for her, on your tenth year together!. That helps you evade absurd silent treatments and endless fights that will again and again bring up the fact that you do not all that she does for you and the children.

That being said there is an important note to keep in mind when sending out flowers, unless you are sending out a bouquet to somebody you love who is currently in hospital, fragrance helps the full on look and feel of the arrangement as much as the colours it sports. Lily of the valley, Plumeria and tuberoses are the most popular choices when it comes to making your bunch smell good and needless to say they smell heavenly.

Flower arrangements, if you were to do it on your own, it is quite a challenging and tedious task with a heavy price to pay for a not so great outcome, so there is no shame in asking for help or even another’s opinion. Get the professional opinion of your florist and you can add on the little bits and bobs that you know will make the recipient enjoy and appreciate your gesture more.

Knowing what each colour signifies in the art of giving flowers will help you indetermining an appropriate flower to bring in the fragrance into the bouquet.

Red naturally evokes passion and pink stands for establishing romance. White speaks of purity but you need to be careful as in some eastern cultures white is a colour for mourning as opposed to the black in the western world. Yellow speaks of happiness, joy and good times ahead. It is also the colour that symbolizes friendship universally. Purple, the colour of royalty is associated with admiration and success and is a great way to say ’’congratulations on a job well done’’


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