Have you and your partner been having issues and do you feel like you have been arguing all the time? This happens in the case of many couples, so you certainly are not alone in this. That said to be a constant argument and clashes with your significant other have a negative impact on your relationship and on your mental and emotional well-being as well. But have you ever asked yourself why this is happening to the both of you and what possible reasons there could be for this? Here are some of the pointers that you should think about if you both are always at a disagreement.

Listening to Respond

One of the biggest issues that are present which can cause such clashes is that people listen to respond and not to really understand. It is quite possible that you or your significant other is merely listening in order to get ready to respond and not to take the time to try and calmly understand what the other is trying to say. If this is the case and if you really cannot work things out you should try and get help from professionals. For example you could look for relationship counselling Melbourne or the likes and try and approach a professional who will be able to help the both of you settle your differences.


Another very common cause of constant clashes could be infidelity either on your part or your significant other’s or sometimes on both ends. This term infidelity does not necessarily have to be translated into you being cheated on or you cheating on your partner with another person. It could also mean financial infidelity where the other person is not sharing the right facts about finances and what is going on. Sometimes, one person in a relationship may be hoarding money and not letting the other in too which can cause conflict.


For whatever reasons that may be, if you or your partner is insecure, there will be fighting all the time to say the least. Insecurity, in fact is one of the leasing causes of domestic abuse and aggressive behavior as well. If you feel insecure being with a person, you should first try and get to the root cause of the feeling and make sure that this is not a faulty perception that you have in your mind. If the other person has truly done something to make you feel insecure and it is a case of once burned twice shy, you should definitely think about whether you are willing to spend a lifetime with that person or not.

External Factors

Sometimes we don’t realize it, but a lot of external societal factors can really cause people to be pushed to the limits and that results in them lashing out at the people that are closes to them, most of the time, this happens to be their life partners. No matter what the reasons are communication is the key to any kind of resolution and the more you bottle things up the worse they will be when they do finally get out.

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