For many people, the word boutique means stylish items for outlandish prices. And that is how they define a boutique wedding. We assume that boutique weddings are for the elite and rich and they are extravagant, expensive and sometimes ridiculous. But that is not what it really is. Allow us to explain what a boutique wedding really is.

What is a Boutique Wedding?

A boutique wedding vendor is small, elite and specialized in a specific area, contrary to other wedding vendors who cater to every wedding that comes their way. A boutique wedding is not your usual type of wedding; it is one of a kind type of wedding. So this gets all of us curious. What makes it so unique and one of a kind? There are five main factors that make it different and special. These are common factors that all boutique weddings must have.

They are Unique

Well, that is pretty much understood. When we say unique we mean in terms of the style, venue and the atmosphere of the wedding, and it pretty much depends on the personality of the couple and the love they share. So it is not about recreating the same popular Pinterest pin, but it is all about taking inspirations from popular trends, pictures you love and family traditions. Check out boutique wedding venue Melbourne to discover some of the best places to tie the knot.

They are Well-Styled

The venue and décor are styled cohesively to create an overall mood and a feeling that is one of a kind. This goes beyond picking the same colors of table cloths and the flowers, it goes into the domain of appropriateness of texture, harmonic color tones, and well-thought application.

Often boutique weddings are inspired by current trends but still remain loyal to the couple’s personality. A couple who is very casual and down to earth won’t want an extravagant and bedazzling wedding. They would prefer earthy tones, lots of wood and green work done with a classy touch of dressy accents to pull it off wonderfully.

The Vendors Must Deliver a Good Experience

Having a fussy or a mean wedding planner is not on your to-do list. So refrain from choosing your wedding vendor based on price alone.  The budget must be considered, true enough. But waking up every morning and facing unprofessional vendors who do not satisfy you are not worth it. If the wedding planner cannot recommend some vendors, Google it up. Check reviews, call a couple of places and settle for the best. It is quite true that you only get what you pay for.

They Are Influenced by Personality

At the end of the day, it is all about the couple’s personality. The decor, venue, style, attire and even the invitations must portray the couple’s personality. Your ambitions, your hobbies, your favorite memories, childhood photos anything can be incorporated into the style. If your planner is great, then he/she will be able to suggest some amazing ideas.

As a conclusion, we say boutique weddings are not about spending and making it lavish. But is it all about making the tiny things count and how they are displayed on your big day.

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