Have you been to an event that had a photo booth to take pictures in? If you have been through this experience, you would know just how amazing it feels. So why not recreate this same feeling of excitement and happiness for your guests at your own events? A photo booth is something that was first introduced to the world in 1925 in the city of New York. Ever since then, it has been something that was considered normal to people like our grandparents or great grandparents. However, it is easy to see that photo booths have made a strong come back today and are now seen everywhere! They are taking up a lot of space on social media platforms as well! Having a photo booth at your event is going to make sure it is more aesthetically pleasing. It is also more fun for your guests as well! These are three events that you can spice up with a photo booth;

Your wedding day


One of the most important days in our life would be our own wedding day. It is not something that would come around once again and is a once in a lifetime moment. This is why you need to go the extra mile to plan the perfect wedding ceremony for yourself and your loved ones as well. If you hire a Singapore photobooth to have at the venue at the wedding, your wedding guests can commemorate the date by taking all the pictures they want with you and with other people too. It will only make your wedding day more perfect.


All birthday parties!


A birthday is also a day that comes around just once a year. While some people may be a little reluctant to celebrate their birthdays, it is not something you should worry about. Birthdays do not come around all the time and whether it is your twenty first birthday or fiftieth, celebrations are normal and fun! but no birthday party is going to be complete without a good photo booth waiting for your guests! Birthday parties are supposed to be full of fun and excitement and so, photo booths are a needed addition for sure.

Proms and balls


A prom is one of the most amazing memories we will have when we are in school. It is something that we plan to celebrate our journey in school and so, it is special moment in many people’s lives. To make your prom night or ballroom events special, rent a photo booth!



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