Cultures around the world are always going to differ from each other in a beautiful way. Culture, heritage and tradition is something that is passed down from one generation to the other in order to preserve it for the future and it is something we should always look after. While many countries around the world often celebrate a babys first birthday as they turn one year old, a lot of Asian countries do not do this. Instead, countries like Singapore and china are known to celebrate when a baby turns one hundred days old or one month old! This is what is called a baby full month party. It is something that has deep cultural roots and is something that most parents do. Having a baby of your own with someone you love is a beautiful thing and celebrating it is something fun to do. So if your precious bundle of joy is about to turn one month old, these are some reasons to throw a baby full month party!

You are celebrating life!


To a mother and father who recently had a baby, there is nothing in the world that is as important as him or her. Bringing a new life in to this world is a wonderful thing and is something that is always worth celebrating. Keep in mind that the very first month of your baby’s life is going to be a little tough, especially for first time parents and this party can also celebrate your parenthood! So, a party for a baby full month Singapore is a great way to celebrate your baby!


Its a reason for a party!


Who does not love to throw a grand party surrounded by everyone that you love and care about? Everyone loves parties and attending parties as it is a perfect chance to mingle with other people and just have a great time. So when your baby is going to one month old, you can gather all your close family and friends and arrange a fun party that will bring everyone together! You can relax after a month of parenting and simply have a grand time!

It is traditional to do


A lot of Asian countries respect tradition and culture, which is why it is always preserved for the future generations. Throwing a baby full month is traditional, especially in Singapore. If you a parent who wants to keep up with traditions and honor the culture, then you would have to arrange the perfect baby full month!


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