Spacing issues are a common problem many homeowners find themselves facing either after shifting from an old home or even living in a new home. It’s a pesky situation that can get you quite frustrated when you seem to have no room for your things and you find yourself leaving in a suffocating, crowded house. We get you. Here are some simple solutions you can make use of to lighten things up around there.

Invest In Lighting

Simple, natural lighting has been known to create an illusion of more space so if you can invest in this, things will definitely pick up around the house. So essentially, use clear curtains and throw upon the windows whenever possible. Combine this with a mirror in a hallway or living room and there’ll be a lot of light in the house, making it a lot more bright and cheery.

New Furniture

If you’ve moved from your old house to your new one, then it’s definitely time to check out a furniture store UK. Furniture that’s too big for a space just ends up being a hazard that you have to tip-toe around- and let’s not get started on how bad it is when you have guests over. Scale your furniture according to your room and take your pick wisely. You can also invest in modular furniture- for one, it’s easy to disassemble and put together but it’s also far more convenient to deal with when moving from one home to another.

Hidden Compartments

There’s honestly no end to the number of storage compartments you can fit into your house. But having so many visible to the naked eye can be a little on the visually unappealing side. Besides, you don’t want ALL your personal items seen by your guests. This is where you can make use of hidden compartments like decorative panels or floor-to-ceiling compartments that you can cover to look like a feature wall. The possibilities are endless but of course you can’t just dump everything you own into your compartments. Make it a point to habitually de-clutter your home so you either donate or get rid of everything you don’t need any more.

Bedroom Space

Having a big enough bedroom space just so we can fit in all our clothes, shoes and accessories would be miraculous. Fortunately, for those of us who don’t have the space to install a full-fledged wardrobe, you can always section off a corner of your room and separate it using curtains. It’s a convenient way of getting a private alcove just suited for your fashion needs.


If you still have too many items lying around the house after de-cluttering then you should consider investing in some versatile furniture that you can use for storage purposes as well. A classic example is an outdoor bench that also acts as a compartment for the kids’ toys or even a drawer under a dining table could create a world of convenience

These are some of the best ways you can sort out any spacing issues in your house. What works for you?

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