Let’s face it, new moms are dead tired all the time. The constant breast feeding, changing diapers, waking up in the middle of the night and also taking care of a household is too much to handle. They cannot be ignored as such pressure and also their changing hormone levels can cause severe stress which can lead to depression so it is absolutely no joke. So here are some things you can do for new moms, as small acts of kindness.

  1. Organize a meal train

Imagine having to cook for a family with a baby around; that is stressful! So help the new mom out by creating a meal train. A meal train is when one or more people get together and come up with some easy recipes and take turns to prepare the meals and bring them over to her house. you can stack up her freezer so that she can heat it up whenever she feels hungry and finally have a good meal. New moms experience malnutrition due to the continuous breast feeding and lack of time to sit down for a peaceful meal. If you set up a few containers in her freezer, all she has to do is microwave and voila, the meals are done. There are some meal subscription businesses who deliver meals for new moms so if you don’t have the time, simply make the payment and it will all be done.

  1. Bring her a present

All visitors have been paying extreme attention to the baby and have completely forgotten the mom. So rather than picking baby clothes from kiddepedia.com.au, pick a gift for the mother. It could be some new dresses; now that she has given birth, she can finally get back in shape. Buy her a day at the spa; volunteer to take care of the baby till she gets pampered. Get her lotion for stretch marks and dry feet, buy her flowers, chocolates, magazines, anything she likes and will make her happy.

  1. Volunteer to do household chores

The laundry must be piling up, the dog needs a bath or the house needs to be vacuumed; these are some simple chores that are quite impossible for a new mom. If you happen to drop by, help her out with some chores so she can take one headache off her mind. She will most probably deny the favour but do not simply stop. Ignore it and get the work done, she will appreciate it a lot. If you can, take a whole day to get everything done around the house so when she steps out of the baby-den, she will be surprised yet happy!


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