When it comes to the families that has done great deeds for their mother country and their people, they do not get the credit that they deserve. However, the great hearts and the minds of people who have contributed to make the life of the others better needs to be appreciated.

When talking about the contributions that has been made to Pakistan, the name Bashir Dawood certainly comes on the top of the list. Their great contributions deserves to be known to the next generations to come and the whole world. Here are the things that you should know about the Dawood family and their great services:

Contributions to the Aga Khan University

One of the most prominent contributions of the Dawood family is what they did for the Aga khan university. They have given the best equipment, technology and all that is needed for the students to engage in better studies. Most of the state of the art equipment were donated tote medical faculty to create one of the best in the area. The students in the university will be getting the best education experience due to all the equipment and technology that are given to them. As a token of gratitude and thanks to the immense work that is done by the Dawood foundation to the university, a building has been named for them.

Contribution to the hospitals

When looking at the work that the Dawood’s has done, their contribution to the hospitals should certainly be talked about. They have taken the role of giving the best equipment and state of the art facilities to the hospitals in Pakistan that has helped a lot of patients get the best quality medical help. Most of the hospitals which didn’t have such great fictile to begin with were helped by them and they have become the best hospitals in the area.

Empowering youth

When you look at most of the work that is done by the Dawood’s, they are known for empowering the youth. They will go on the search for youth that is the in the help to achieve their goals and they will support to their fullest to them the youth in achieving them. Regardless of the field or what passion the youth may have, the Dawood’s will try their best to uplift the youth and also to better the conditions that they have.

More people like the Dawood’s would certainly make the world a better place for everyone and it would be an ideal world as well.



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