Those lovely evenings in your terrace or veranda can easily be destroyed by annoying pests that seem to come out of nowhere. There are several ways to keep bugs out short of spraying the garden with harsh chemicals. While chemical treatments can kill incoming bugs, the results would be temporary. Here are several other methods you can try that offer more permanent bug deterrent effects:

Remove Standing Water Structures

Any type of water holding structures, such as ponds or bird baths, where water remain still are breeding grounds for pests in summer months. If you live in tropical parts of Australia, still water ponds can become habitats for mosquitoes. Remove these structures to keep your outdoor area bug free. Alternatively, you can introduce tadpoles or other fish that eat pest eggs or larvae. Instead of still water ponds, get fountains where water doesn’t stay still.

Plant Aromatic Herbs

Certain aromatic herbs, like lemongrass, are natural pest repellents that will keep your garden beautiful and bug free. There are many anti-pest herbs can be grown in Australia. The popular ones include lemongrass, the natural source of citronella that keeps mosquitoes away. You can also try basil, mint, lavender, chive, rosemary, thyme, sage, and even catnip. Plant your herb garden near outdoor structures like the terrace so bugs don’t get past the plants.

Install Screens to Deter Flying Insects

Bugs usually get in outdoor areas that are open and don’t have any physical barriers. It’s time to install some to keep pests out. Consider getting durable and reliable screens like patio blinds Perth. It doesn’t just repel bugs; it offers you privacy as well. You can also consider grilles or window screens. Curtains might suffice on non-breezy days. Any type of physical barrier can keep bugs out or at least reduce the number that swarm in.

Increase the Number of Flowering Plants in Your Garden

In addition to herbs, flowering plants also have a bug repellent quality. Most flowers attract pollinators like bees and butterflies, which keep small flying pests away. The aroma of some flowers is known to keep certain types of pests away. Marigolds, for example, are said to keep out mosquitoes, flies, and even rabbits. Petunias and chrysanthemums will beautify your garden and keep most bugs at bay.

Install Citronella Torches

Citronella is aromatic oil derived from lemongrass that’s highly effective in repelling all kinds of bugs. Citronella torches are a popular natural way to keep bugs and insects away from living areas. Consider installing holders for citronella torches in your outdoor structures. These will also look quite stunning when lit during summer evenings.

Get a Fan

Try installing a fan over the outdoor structure. If you have a roofless patio or a veranda, get a standing fan or a table top fan. The artificial breeze created by the fan can keep flying insects away. If the bugs are swarming to the terrace, just turn on the fan and let the wind carry them away. Besides, a fan would be very useful on a hot day when you want to enjoy the sunlight without the excessive heat.

If bugs are a particular concern for your outdoor areas, consider any of the above tips to keep your backyard free of them. Try natural methods as much as possible without resorting to spraying potentially harmful chemicals.

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