There is constant pressure out there in the world today to be rich, be famous and to be successful. And amongst all this pressure to be a part of those who are considered to be happy, there is an increase in self-hate and a feeling of unworthiness. The good news is contrary to this popular belief, being happy does not solely lie on how rich or successful you are.

It depends on how much you are living your life and how you are making the most out of it. More good news! You have the same likelihood of being just as happy and making the most out of life as the next person you meet; regardless of religion, race and cultural background.

Here are a few ways you can make sure that you make the most out of every day.

Enjoy Yourself

Every so often we get so taken up and caught up in doing things or providing for the other people in our life whether they depend on our help or assistance or not those we quickly forget doing things that make you happy! Choose to invest in yourself or do things that you empty once in a while and stop feeling guilty about it.

Pack up and go out on a spontaneous road trip with your friends, book AFL tickets to go and witness and enjoy watching your team play or even take some time to be by yourself if that is what you enjoy and if that is what relaxes you.

Make sure that you book the tickets you need or make the necessary appointments as soon as you can to avoid disappointment or before you change your mind.

Slow Down

Take a breath. Enjoy the warm breeze on a sunny day! Appreciate the smiles and laughter on the faces of your children. As much as our careers are important, so are our family and our loved ones who wait patiently for our attention. Learn to savour every moment.

Do More Think Less

A lot of the time we spend thinking of the entire thing we could do if we had the time. You do have time! It’s right now! Go on that trip! Write that book! Don’t wait for the perfect person or the perfect moment. Now is the time to get up and experience everything that this life has to offer.

Be Creative

Then the number one rule of ending up happy is to work on your creativity. We are all born with a creative streak within us, but it is up to us just how far we improve it and let it grow. Through tapping into this aforementioned streak of creativity you can unleash a whole new world of possibilities.

You will think out of the box and see things differently. This trait will set you apart from all the others in your home, school or workplace and set you not only on the road to happiness but also on the road to greatness!

And in all this, you will find what true happiness is.

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