We live in a world where the stress of our daily routine takes so much prominence in our life. We wake up early, go to work and come home late. In between we opt to eat very unhealthy fast food. We live very sedentary lives which negatively impacts our health. All this causes us to forget to pay proper attention to our mind and body.

As a result, we will suffer the repercussions of poor health later on in life. In some earlier than others. Numerous studies across the world have shown the effect of stress on various health conditions. In order to combat this issue, we need to change our routines. No matter how busy we are, it is time we focus on ourselves and do proper self-care. Here is how we can self-care.

Making Good Food Choices

It is very important that we make healthy food choices in life. Most of us tend to skip breakfast because we are always running late for work. Then we will have a lunch of fast food which is quick and filling. Once we come back home, we will snack in front of the television with a bag of chips and maybe eat a pizza for dinner. All these food choices are filled with saturated fats, high salt and sugar.

These contribute to health conditions like hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. We must instead opt for healthy food which is a balanced diet filled with vegetables and fruits mostly. Home cooked is better than eating from out as you can control the ingredients. Also, processed meat has been found to increase the risk of cancers in people. Therefore, even if the food is made at home, it important that we make healthy meals.

Taking Enough Rest

It is important to take a break from your daily routine of work. On your holiday, pay a visit to some fitness retreats and focus on your health. You will be able to detoxify and rejuvenate yourself at one of these places. Make sure you get enough sleep of at least 6 hours per day. Make a habit of doing yoga or meditation in the morning to de-stress yourself.

Staying Active

Most of us have desk jobs where we sit on a chair in our 9-5 job. We spend our time in front of a computer, which means we barely get any physical activity. It is very important that our heart rates are elevated and kept that way for at least 30 minutes straight. This should be done consistently. This is brought about by regular exercise.

Therefore, you must somehow make time for exercise either in the morning before going to work or after coming back from work. Even at your desk job, make sure to take breaks, where you should stand up and walk around at regular intervals. Most offices now provide their employees with free gym memberships to promote good health.

Do not take your good health for granted at a young age. Rather practice self-care and avoid the occurrence of disease later in life.

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