No matter what weight loss book or magazine you pick, almost all of them promise that they hold the answers to your problem. However, not all of those strategies mentioned in those guides are effective for everyone. Some even don’t have a slimming effect after all. If you’re aiming to lose weight and maintain it, here are some science-backed weight loss techniques that are proven to be effective for everyone.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a different kind of dieting and is proven to be more effective than regular dieting. In this method, the person will fast regularly but only on short intervals. For example, alternate day fasting is a style in which the person has to fast every other day and eat normal meals during non-fasting days. Although you can eat normally on non-fasting days, be sure to go for healthy food options to make this technique more effective. Sign up on one of those health retreats Australia to find a diet regimen that suits your lifestyle.

Practice Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is a healthy practice that is often overlooked by majority of the people. In mindful eating, you should pay attention and focus on the food that you’re eating especially where they came from and if they’re healthy or not. Because of the hectic lifestyle we live in, most of us don’t have the time to stop and pay attention to their meals.

Lots of people just eat quickly while on the run – in the car, on their office desk, or even grab and go. Start this strategy by setting down while eating and remove all distractions such as phones and TV. Be sure to choose healthy food and take time to savour the food in your mouth. This technique helps prevent overeating since it gives your brain the right time to recognize if you’re already full.

Manage Stress

Chronic stress is one of the factors that can contribute to weight gain. Stress triggers the body to produce more cortisol which is related to feelings of increased appetite. The more stressed a person is, the more he tends to eat and store more sugars as fat. There are plenty of ways to manage stress such as yoga, meditation, or doing any activity that takes your mind off things such as reading a book, gardening and many more.

Exercise Regularly

If you want to maintain a fit figure, exercise should always be on your fitness regimen. Diet will never be enough if you don’t practice regular exercise. Setting aside an hour each day for exercise is already enough as long as you maintain it. If you have a hectic schedule, find ways to be more active on your daily routine. For instance, be more active by taking up the stairs instead of the elevator to reach your office room.

Weight loss requires time and much effort to make it work and last. Try these effective strategies and see which one has the best effect for you.

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