There are many things in life where you can benefit greatly by pressing the snooze button on it. These chores below are not among those beneficial things!

Seeing Your Health

Any chore related to your health should come to the very top of your to do list; even when it does not feel life-threatening. People generally tend to put aside small discomforts like toothaches until it becomes agonizing, making it more expensive and more inconvenient for themselves in the long run. Book your appointment with a dentist Northbridge immediately! Other health aspects like skin discoloration and joint pains too are often brushed off as not immediate or snoozed until you forget about it entirely¾only to be reminded once more when it becomes a problem.

Paying the Utility Bills

Your utility bills generally include your electricity, water, gas, and nowadays, the internet. Most countries are pretty strict about the payments of these bills and tend to cut you off when you’re overdue in paying them. However, there are some states and countries that like giving you a month or so of “Grace period”. While this may definitely be helpful when you are in a pinch, it’s important to remember that this only means you need to pay a higher amount when it all adds up. There’s also a possibility that you may forget about it entirely until you receive a notice; by which time it’s a large and expensive bill to pay.

Clearing the Laundry Mountain

Many houses have 2 types of Laundry Mountains: the to-wash load, and the to-fold load. It’s a very bad idea to let either of these piles grow, as it will only make this task harder and more time consuming when you finally get to around to doing it. Instead, make it a habit to wash at least one load of laundry every day (or more, depending on how much clothes you need to get washed), and to fold them immediately. If you’ve got “the chair” in which you dump your washed clothes, you need to get rid of that chair immediately!

Cleaning Up Your Home

Many people believe that keeping a clean, tidy and visitor friendly house requires hiring domestic help. That’s because they always find this chore to be time-consuming, so put it off for a day when they have a lot of time to spare. This is where they go wrong. Make it a habit to spend at least 15 minutes (twice a day if you have kids) cleaning your home and putting things back where they belong. Lightly dust and sweep your house at least once in 3 days so that the dust doesn’t set in. then allocate one day of the week to deep clean your home; a task you’ll find much easier as you didn’t push snooze on the cleaning the rest of the week.

Writing Down Things to the Grocery List

Having a grocery list is a great way to not only make sure you don’t forget anything when you go shopping, but also to ensure you buy only what’s required¾helping you cut unnecessary costs. Unfortunately, many people put off writing things down on their list when they realize they are running short of something; resulting in them spending hours either recollecting what they needed or going through the kitchen to find what’s missing.

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