Anyone who loves cooking would know that there are some ingredients and products that are vital in a kitchen. These ingredients are what helps you set a proper base in cooking and so, it also has to be of the best quality. From salt and pepper to products like cheese, these basic ingredients are simple yet so vital. One such important ingredient to have in your kitchen at all times is olive oil. We all know that olive oil is a staple in cooking, especially when it comes to Italian cuisine and most western cooking. Olive oil manages to set the base for lots of dishes that we already love such as bread, pasta, pizza and more. Olive oil, while a lot of oils are not so good for our use, is something worth using. It is full of anti-oxidants which makes it more healthy for us and so, it should always be available in our kitchen. These are some tips to know about buying the finest olive oil.

What type of oil do you want?


The first question to ask yourself is what kind of olive oil are you looking for? There are so many ways of producing olive oil and depending on the use you have for it, the kind you want will be different. You can find regular olive oil, you can find refined and non-refined olive oil, and you can find extra virgin olive oil and more. Each bottle is going to differ from the next, which is why you need to know exactly what you want!


Italian brands are the best


Italy is a country known for so many things such as fine dining, wine and olive oil as well. Italy takes pride in using olive oil in most of their authentic dishes and so, they manage to manufacture some of the best olive oils in the world! The rich, fertile soil in various regions of Italy only manages to add more flavor and essence to the olives that are grown. These olives are then made in to finest quality olive oil by the most trained hands. When you do buy Italian olive oil Singapore, you will be able to taste just how amazing it is!

Doing a taste test


Before you do buy a bottle of olive oil, it is important to do a quick taste test. You can ask for a sample of the oil and simply taste it and see if you can place the different aromas and complex flavors. This way, you know exactly what oil you need to buy.




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