Overview Of Various Types Of Online Casino Bonuses

Overview Of Various Types Of Online Casino Bonuses

More than thousands of online casinos are spread all over online. To attract new players to their site these online casinos offer casino bonuses, improved games, and other attractive promotions. Among all those casino bonuses plays a vital role to draw player’s attention to their site for gambling. There are various sites available on the internet that offers different casino bonus that includes different condition and advantages. For newbies, these casino bonuses are quite encouraging. Before signing up or utilizing bonuses for a particular online casino game, players should carefully read the rule and regulations.

Various types of online casino bonuses are:

Sign-up Bonus: Sign-up Bonus is also known as the New Player Bonus and Welcome Bonus as newbies get the opportunity of bonus while signing up procedure. This casino bonus is very popular among all bonuses. During signing up if a player gets the benefit of $100 then it shows that the bonus will be utilized for a fixed period in a smaller amount per month. This is again categorized into two parts:

Percentage Bonuses: It is directly proportional to the amount of money deposited so the higher the amount better the casino bonus percentage. Percentage Bonuses ranges from 50% to 500% that depends on the type of casino.
Match Bonuses: Match Bonus is a 100% bonus. Here dollar deposition is equally matched by the online casino.

Preferred Deposit Bonuses: This is a bonus that is handed when players apply specified types of electronic payment to deposits their money to casino accounts. Many online casinos have several reasons for choosing to get their money in a particular way and to promote that gamblers use their preferred method of payment, they provide various bonuses like 5% or 10% of the deposited amount which gets automatically submitted to the players account after using the preferred deposit method.

Reload Bonus: Many online casinos offer to reload bonuses to add new players, in this way they do not allow players to close their account but always reload with bonuses. Reload bonus resembles sign-in bonuses. They also offer 100% Match up, free money for reload bonuses.

No Deposit Bonuses: No Deposit Bonuses is very popular in online casino bonuses where players don’t need to deposit anything to get a bonus. A few online casinos offer these kinds of services. If there is a requirement of money deposition then only $10 is negligible, this will directly deposit in your money account during the signing up procedure. But be careful about this casino bonus and read the rules and regulations thoroughly before starting the game.

Loyalty Bonuses: This bonus privilege is offered to those players who have been attached to the online casino for a long time as well as have attained a higher rank.

Higher the level like VIP status more will be their bonus as well as percentage.

High Roller Bonus: This is a bit different from other bonuses. In this Players have to deposit bigger amounts, over $1,000 to qualify for high roller level, where players will get a bonus which is generally conveyed in a percentage.

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